Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn is here!

Autumn Greetings from Reused Furniture!

Autumn is officially here! Add warmth and spice to your home in simple ways. Bring out your nice, comfy warm throws and welcome guests to your front door with mums and pumpkins! It’s the small touches that go a long way when decorating for autumn. Look to nature for inspiration!

Reused Furniture has many aged, heirloom pieces with distressed finishes that often remind people of their pasts. We love furniture pieces that have stories to tell! Unique and timeless pieces lend themselves to creative autumn and holiday decorating. Create new memories, while maintaining the integrity and nostalgia of the past! Repurposed and recycled furniture and accessories spark conversations and memories, just like traditional holiday decorations passed down through the generations. By reusing, repainting and refinishing items instead of discarding them, we are also doing a small part to protect the earth, while also creating a space that reflects a unique sense of style.

If you are interested in tips, strategies and ideas for creating celebrations with more meaning and less negative impact on people and the Earth, check out the book Celebrate Green written by Corey Colwell-Lipson, Lynn Colwell, and Jeff Duckworth. There are many creative ways to celebrate and decorate your home green!

Autumn decoration inspiration....

Happy autumn decorating from Reused Furniture!


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