Thursday, September 15, 2011

Autumn Housewarming with Reused Furniture...

Let the festooning of the rooms in our homes begin! Adding seasonal beauty with the rich and golden touch of autumn will enhance the richness of our homes. Summer is quickly approaching an end and many are starting to cozy up their homes. Before we know it, the air will turn crisp, and it will be time to cuddle up next to the fire in our favorite chair or couch and enjoy autumn’s goodness. Go ahead and put those mums on the front porch, decorate with gourds, twigs, and pumpkins, and fill the air with pumpkin spice and everything nice! Enjoy and savor the changing of the seasons!

Helpful seasonal decorating hint..
While you begin to decorate for autumn, keep in mind your five senses. How do you want your home to feel, to look, to smell, to sound, and when you cook and entertain, how do you want your table to look and your food to taste? Create a vision for how you want your home to be, and then make it happen! Even if you live alone, beauty inspires. Design Expert, Nate Berkus, often says, "Your home should rise up to greet you”.

 Family fun at the pumpkin patch!

For more seasonal design ideas and inspiration, stop by the shop and ask for Zip or Lyndsey!

Happy Autumn Housewarming from Reused Furniture!

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conservatories said...

Warm colors add beauty to the interior of the house. And they also resemble fall season. Orange, yellow, brown are the colors of autumn. Decorate your home with these colors and you will feel the warmth. I love the use of pumpkin made in above pictures. Some ideas are really inspiring. Thanks for sharing.