Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring from Reused Furniture!

Flowers are coming up and happy birds are chirping! Here in Kansas City, we have had a harsh winter. We are all anxious for a blissful springtime! It's time to spruce up our homes, get outdoors and bring in some spring decor. Many of us have started our spring cleaning. It's time to create a lighter and different mood in our homes in preparation for the warmer months to come. Don't forget to consign items that you no longer believe to be useful or beautiful!

If you have items in your home that are gathering dust; turn that dust into cash at Reused Furniture! We are currently accepting consignment of furniture, home accessories and art. Email us pictures with a description of your items  to and receive an immediate response. Merchandise must be clean and in good condition. We offer pick-up and delivery and in-home consulting. Our shop also offers furniture painting and upholstering.

Store hours:
Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5
Sunday 12pm-4pm
Closed Mondaykk


Damien Garbe said...

We are the dealers of refurbish used house furniture London. We have a great range of dinning room table, corners and sofa with bed .I am sure you will find a perfect piece which fits your needs.

bryan flake said...

My wife and I just got married. We cannot afford too much for home needs. What is a great deal for a couch and love seat from a consignment place?


Jony Mehar said...

The subject of used furniture is a controversial issue. At one stage or another, every man woman or child will be faced with the issue of used furniture. While it has been acknowledged that it has an important part to play in the development of man, used furniture is not given the credit if deserves for inspiring many of the worlds famous painters

Anonymous said...

Our experience with this store was the worst I have ever had in used furniture. First, Lyndsey Torneden, after assuring my mother several times that the china cabinet she was buying was "solid wood." When we went to pick up the cabinet, Lyndsey was not around but Zip Iams was there. He said the cabinet had originally sold for near $5000 and was in "new" condition other than the missing glass shelves and one lightbulb. We picked up the cabinet, Zip dropped it, then grumbled "YOU lift it" in an ugly to my father (who had an injured shoulder and had not yet said more than "hello"), and stomped away, leaving it to us to lift. We tried to brush the scratches off and lifted it in ourselves, easily - too easily. That's when we saw what "solid wood" means to REUSED. It was particle board. We had an independent cabinetmaker come to look at the china cabinet. 90% particle board, with some thin veneers of real wood in the front.

My mother was very disappointed but had already bought it and as Zip wasn't offering any returns, decided to take it home. The next piece one person easily lifted into the truck (again, particle board), and gently set it on a cushion. The entire inside fell to pieces. No money back from Zip.

It is one thing to try to make a deal, but another to directly lie about what the material is, especially having touted oneself as an "experienced interior designer". How dare you take advantage of your customers like that?

I am furious over the lost money, but more so at the treatment of my parents. None of my family members or friends will ever patronize this store again, and I suggest that no one else does either. Had I more time, I would take this to small claims' court.